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  • Monthly Tungsten Market Report Nov 2017

    2017-12-14 17:11:28   【Print】
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    Table of Contents

    1 Market Highlights 2
    2 Company News 2
    2.2 All cities in Hebei required completing pollutant discharging permit issuance to key industries before late November 2
    2.4 China Minmetals successfully issues USD1 billion of perpetual bonds abroad 2
    2.5 China Molybdenum produces 8,493t of tungsten in 2017 first three quarters 3
    2.7 Hunan issues first batch of pollutant discharging licenses for nonferrous metal industry in China 3
    2.8 Xiamen Tungsten signs strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Northern Rare Earth Group 3
    2.9 Ministry of Commerce: declaration criteria and procedures for state-owned tungsten exports enterprises during 2018 to 2019 4
    2.10 Ganzhou Tungsten Association predicts average tungsten prices in November 4
    3 Chinese Market 5
    3.1 Chinese Tungsten Concentrate Market 5
    3.2 Chinese APT Market 5
    3.3 Chinese APT Export Market 5
    3.4 Chinese Tungsten Carbide Market 5
    3.5 Chinese Export Market for Tungsten Carbide 6
    4 International Market 6
    4.1 African Tungsten Concentrate Market 6
    4.2 European APT Market 6
    4.3 European Ferrotungsten Market 7
    5 Monthly Statistics 7
    5.1 Data on tungsten concentrate 7
    5.3 Data on tungsten carbide 8
    6 Import and Export Data 8
    6.1 Chinese importers of tungsten concentrate in October 8
    6.2 Chinese Exporters of APT in October 9
    6.3 Chinese Exporters of YTO in October 9
    6.4 Chinese Exporters of BTO in October 9
    6.5 Chinese Exporters of Tungsten Carbide in October 9
    6.6 Chinese Exporters of Tungsten Powder in October 10
    6.7 Chinese Exporters of Ferrotungsten in October 11
    6.8 Chinese Exporters of Cemented Alloy Bar in October 11
    7 Economy and Policy 12
    8 Market Outlook for Next Month 12
    .Asian Metal Copyright1 Data on tungsten concentrate 7 5.Asian Metal Copyright
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