• Arsenic Metal 99%min EXW China(-250)  01-25|Ferro-chrome Cr 60%min, C 0.1%max In warehouse Pittsburgh(0.1)  01-25|Ferro-chrome Cr 60%min, C 8%max In warehouse Pittsburg(0.05)  01-25|Arsenic Trioxide 99%min EXW China (-100)  01-25|Holmium Oxide 99.5%min EXW China(45)  01-25|Ferro-holmium 80% EXW China(45)  01-25|Nickel Cathode Norilsk 99.96%min In port China(-5000)  01-25|Ferro-vanadium 80%min In warehouse Pittsburgh(1)  01-25|Nickel Cathode 99.96%min EXW China(-5000)  01-25|Ferro-vanadium 80%min In warehouse Rotterdam(1)  01-25|Ferro-manganese Mn 65%min, C 7%max EXW China(200)  01-25|Magnesia D.B. 90%min 3-15mm In warehouse Rotterdam(10)  01-25|NdFeB Sintered Rough 35M EXW China(8)  01-25|NdFeB Sintered Rough N45 EXW China(8)  01-25
  • Magnesium Market Report November 2017

    2017-12-12 18:51:17   【Print】
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    1. Market Highlights 2
    2. Company News 2
    2.1 Shanxi Xiangyuan Shengfeng Magnesium suspends magnesium ingot production 2
    2.2 Nevada Clean Magnesium produces magnesium metal from bench scale pilot furnace 2
    2.3 Qinghai Qaidam Qingyuan Pan-magnesium Technology achieves new process in magnesium alloy smelting 2
    2.4 Yunhai Special Metals' subsidiary puts into operation light-alloy precision die-casting project 2
    2.5 Shanxi New Energy Magnesium resumes magnesium ingot production 2
    2.6 Inner Mongolia Jingwei Metal suspends magnesium ingot production 3
    2.7 Inner Mongolia Zhongyu Magnesium Industry speeds up installing equipment for Mg-alloy wheel hub project 3
    3. Chinese Market 3
    4. International Market 4
    5. Producers Statistics 4
    6. Customs Statistics 5
    6.1 Top ten Chinese magnesium ingot exporters October 2017 14
    6.2 Top ten Chinese magnesium alloy exporters October 2017 14
    6.3 Top ten Chinese magnesium powder exporters October 2017 14
    6.4 AM Statistics: Chinese magnesium ingot export volume up by 58.6% MOM in October 2017 14
    6.5 Top ten Chinese magnesium products export destinations October 2017 15
    7. Relevant Industry News 16
    7.1 Yueyang builds magnesium alloy special material engineering and technological research center 16
    7.2 One-time forging molding Mg-alloy wheel hub project goes into operation in Hebei Bazhou 16
    8. Market Outlook for Next Month 16

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