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  • Monthly Manganese Flake Market Report Oct 2017

    2017-11-15 17:58:34   【Print】
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    1. Market Highlights 2
    2. Company News 2
    2.1 Manganese metal processing project of 25,000tpy put into operation in Zhongning County of Ningxia 2
    2.2 Pingwu Manganese makes the second public announcement for environmental impact assessment on electrolytic manganese transformation and expansion project of 30,000tpy 2
    2.3 Aketao Kebang Manganese increases manganese flake output on October 20 2
    2.4 Zhongmeng’s Monte Plant reduces manganese flake output in mid-October 2
    2.5 Chongqing Sanrun Mining out of manganese flake production during the National Day holiday 2
    2.6 Tianci Manganese suspends Manganese flake production in mid-October 2
    3. Chinese Market 2
    3.1 Economy and Policy 2
    3.1.Asian Metal Copyright3 Aketao Kebang Manganese increases manganese flake output on October 20 2 2.Asian Metal Copyright1 China's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index reaches 51.6% in October 2
    3.1.2 Real estate investment slows down slightly and monetary policy focuses on stability expectation 3
    3.2 Market Movements 3
    4. International Market 4
    4.1 Economy and Policy 4
    4.2 Market Movements 4
    5. Producers Statistics 4
    6. Consumers Statistics 5
    7. Customs Statistics 5
    7.1 China’s unwrought manganese export 5
    7.2 China’s wrought manganese export 6
    7.3 China’s manganese dioxide exports 7
    7.4 China’s manganese nitride export 8
    8. Relevant Industry News 8
    8.1 Beihai Chengde slightly reduces purchase volume of manganese flakes further 8
    8.2 Magang completes purchase of manganese flake early this week 8
    8.3 POSCO opens bidding for manganese flake during the last week of October 8
    8.4 Meridian Mining releases Q3 manganese production and sales results 8
    9. Market Outlook for Next Month 8
    Attachment: Statistics from China Customers by exporter 9

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