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Interview with Lv Shangning, president of Xi’an Aerospace New Material Corporation

Since established, the company has been holding on to the vision of “Customer Valued, Quality First, Honest and Faith, and Innovation” and struggling to meet customers’ growing demands through technology innovation and specialized production. The company has successfully gained many qualifications, including ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS18001:1999 qualification certificate of China Quality Certification Centre, AS 9100 and ISO 13485 qualification certificate of France BV and Hi-tech enterprise qualification certificate of Shanxi Science and Technology Department. Products are selling to many countries and areas, such as The United States, Germany, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, South Korea, India and Taiwan.
Lv Shangning: Positive trends expected in medical and aerospace titanium market in 2012
----Interview with Lv Shangning, president of Xi’an Aerospace New Material Corporation
Asian Metal: Mr. Lv, very nice to meet you. Thank you so much to accept the interview. First off, would you talk about titanium market of the year?
Lv: Thanks Asian Metal for paying attention to us. For the titanium market of 2011, both prices and sales reached a peak level in H1 of the year, however, the market drastically slowed down in H2 of 2011 with demand of all kinds of titanium products running relatively weak, particularly for civil titanium. Home and abroad orders are much fewer than that of last year. Besides, figures of titanium sponge kept falling in the past several months and prices of titanium products also ran at a low level with little room for profits.
Asian Metal: As one of the fast-developing enterprises of titanium industry, could you provide us with the description of your company and the titanium products that you provide?
Lv: Sure. Established in 2008, our company is subordinate to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Group No.4 Research Institute. As a Hi-Tech enterprise, we are specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, applying and services for titanium materials and titanium alloys. The company has an explicit development strategy that we only produce Hi-Tech aerospace-use titanium and medical-use materials. For many years, we have been holding on to the strategy and the company gradually develops better and better.
Asian Metal: As demand of titanium faces with a weak situation in the H2, many titanium products producers are also under double pressures of relatively high costs and scanty profits. Could you tell us how do you handle with the risks?
Lv: Obviously, many participants hold pessimistic attitude towards the market. However, instead of decreasing, titanium sale and production volumes of our company slightly increased. The main reason is that the company has an explicit titanium development strategy: Hi-Tech aerospace-use titanium and medical-use materials. The two materials market experiences few influences from economic conditions, which virtually just like military titanium products. Sales volumes and prices keep relatively stable with few fluctuations. For instance, in many foreign developed countries, medical-use titanium has become one of their necessary needs like food and the demand has always been on a stable increase trend.
However, for other kinds of titanium products, especially for civil titanium, prices are influenced by speculation more than demand changes. And such kind of product enjoys no rigid demand as mills claimed. As for raw material, titanium sponge, prices in this year just like sitting on a roller coaster, with figures sharply moving up in H1 and drastically falling down in H2. It is not because of great changes of demand, but mainly because of speculations. Foreign titanium sponge prices do not change much this year, while domestic prices sharply move up and down because many mills began to hype the market as producers increased and production gradually climbed.
Asian Metal: medical-use titanium is a relatively unfamiliar field to most people. Could you give us some introductions about the market?
Lv: Medical titanium is still at a primitive development stage in domestic market with very few customers. In short, medical titanium is a kind of titanium product using for human body, which is determined by titanium metal characters that it can be compatible with human body organizations. Currently, there are a few medical-use titanium producers in domestic market, because the demand is small, but manufacture requirements are relatively high. Most medical-use titanium products are for export, with very few volumes directly selling in domestic market.
Asian Metal: Speaking of medical-use titanium, could you provide us with aerospace-use titanium conditions of your company?
Lv: We are not the first one to produce aerospace-use titanium and there are many enterprises competing in this field. Considering this situation, we took a wise step to set our products development goal on Hi-Tech aerospace materials. Our major products are airplane production-use forge pieces, adapting pieces, whose features are similar to medical-use titanium: require high quality, but its demand is low. Thus, we decided to make the products very delicate and our products are mostly for export, favored by many foreign airplane producers.
Asian Metal: Could you offer your constructive suggestions on aerospace and medical titanium market development?
Lv: Aerospace-use titanium market is a relatively Hi-Tech market, and I expect some domestic related departments could work out more standard regulations to guide the market to develop towards a better direction. And the quality should be particularly guaranteed. On one hand it is a responsible action for products and corporation reputation of the company. On the other hand, it is also responsible for people who need to take advantage of spaceflight, such as airplane.
For medical-use titanium, it is a very potential development direction. If the medical-use titanium industry could be healthily developed, it will push the overall titanium market up. However, so far, there has been no supervision or unified standard for the market. Thus, the market can be very easily took advantage by some bad businesses. So I hope our nation can pay attention to the development of the new merging field.
Asian Metal: What about the anticipation for the aerospace and medical-use titanium market in 2012?
Lv: I think, overall titanium market will on a steady-state grow trend in next year. In international market, titanium market will keep relatively stable with demand keeping growing. Demand for medical and aerospace-use titanium will virtually continue the slight increasing trend of 2011, so I feel optimistic about the export market.
Asian Metal: As you are optimistic about the market, will the company have some changes in operating plans?
Lv: Our products are mostly for export. As overseas market demands keep increasing in a slow pace, we will move up our sales volumes goal by about 50% in next year; at the same time, we will sign strategic agreements with overseas customers to unify prices for the next whole year price or half year. Thus we can reassure foreign users’ worries about domestic prices plunges in next year.
Asian Metal: Thanks again for supporting our website!
Lv: Thank you!