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Hong Tao: Indium investment value concerned greatly
----Interview with Hong Tao, President of Gungxi Debang Technology Ltd.
Guangxi Debang Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of indium metal and development of deep-processed series products, an executive director of China Indium Industry Leading Group, and a director of China Indium Industry Association as well as an executive vice chairman unit of Guangxi Indium Industry Association. The company was honored as “National Top 100 Private Enterprises” by Economic Development Research Center of the State Council.

Asian Metal: Price of indium ingot usually drops and the market weakens towards the year end. But this year is different. What’s the reason do you think?

Hong Tao: Yes. In traditional market, TV sale reaches to peak in August and September with active purchases and stockpiles. It is the time that market shows energy and price increase. But as it enters December, festivals such as Christmas and New Year's Day is approaching, most western countries have left or are preparing for leaving for New Year holiday so the market is much quite. Besides, suppliers will deplete materials to recoup funds. Hence, price of indium ingot usually drops. However, investment played an important role in the market this year, and investor's investment enthusiasm has not weakened despite that it has already near the end of the year. Especially, most investors are deep-pocketed and have no concerns over recouping funds. On the other hand, with shortage of material, indium ingot producers are unwilling to lower price for sales. All in all, price of the material will keep steady with slight increase instead of decrease towards the end this year.

Asian Metal: There is a wide concern on investment value of indium ingot, what do you think of that?

Hong Tao: As minor metal, the investment value and resource protection of indium gets the world attention, EU puts indium into the short list in Vital Raw Material to EU, and indium was identified as key raw material in the research report of Key Metal of Low Carbon Economy in the EU’s Energy Sector released by the European Commission’s joint research center. Japan and South Korea carry out long-term work on purchasing indium, and the United States banned indium resources exploitation, and China also purchased the material in 2008 and 2012 respectively. In fact, many overseas countries have issued investment products of indium to excavate the investment value of indium, such as investment collection in Germany, Australia and other countries, in addition, overseas companies, including Swiss Metal Assets Company issued investment fund in view of strategy rare metal including indium. It puts forward the project to excavate the indium metal investment value through people in the first summit forum of indium in Liuzhou in 2006. With the push of electronic trading market, ordinary investors get more knowledge of indium ingot and it attracts more inventors involved in indium industry, and there is says going that a thing is valued as it is rare, so the indium metal will be sought by investors as the reserves is only 1/8 of gold reserve and 1/50 of silver reserve.

Asian Metal: Can you make an introduction of domestic production situation?

Hong Tao: There is not an accurate authoritative statistics regarding the production of China, but personally, the production of native indium will reach 300-400 tons this year, and the volume will decline on the basis as the tighter supply of the material and stricter environmental protection.

Asian Metal: Overseas consumers do not accept the Chinese indium ingot price, and is there any change in the market next year?

Hong Tao: End consumption has not come to the normal, I believed that more consumers will return to the market next year with inventories reduction of end users and recovery of traditional consumption market and rapid development of CIGS solar cell industry.

Asian Metal: Could you please talk about major projects of Debang Technology and the products’ advantages favorable for market competition, including technologies and qualities, when compared with similar products in domestic market?

Hong Tao: With refined indium production capacity of 120tpy and over 30 kinds of inventions and patents, Debang Technology is a nation-level high-tech enterprise. To meet with requirements of consumers, we guarantee high quality of our products with indium content being over 99.995% and examine 23 other elements, instead of 9 required by national standards. Meanwhile, our company is the named indium ingot supplier of world major users and is high praised by them.

Asian Metal: Does your company plan of researching and developing new products in the near future? Could you please talk about the short-term as well as long-term development plan of Debang Technology?

Hong Tao: We focused on the developing of series of products about indium bar investment in the investment market and issued series of indium bars with the brand of “Devine Indium”, cooperated with Hangzhou DIO Investment Management Co., Ltd. We will issue many other products, including collectible and customized ones in the future. Meanwhile, we will pay close attention to the development of CIGS solar energy industry, in order to march into film photovoltaic industry at the right time.

Asian Metal: What do you think about the market of next year? Will electronic trading continue to dominate the market?

Hong Tao: After indium electronic trading platform being put forward officially in the stainless steel market in Wuxi in October, 2010, the electronic trading age of the indium market started. The FANYA Metal Exchange promoted it into a record high level with innovative methods and attracted investors to take part in indium industry. With different modes and characteristics, the two electronic markets offer more choice for participants and make great contributions to the thriving and healthy development of domestic indium industry. Electronic trading has become an important and indispensable part of indium market and will play an important role in its development in the future.

Asian Metal: Thank you for receiving our interview.

Hong Tao: I just talk about my opinions and it would be appreciated for showing different opinions and pointing out mistakes. Thank you for interviewing me. I would like to take the opportunity to show my thanks to Asian Metal and participants for offering long-term supports for Debang Technology.