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    Bos Telecom: Expand Coltan production in Congo
    ----Interview with Mr Aaron Shnerik
    Bos Telecom
    Bos Telecom and its group of companies are for more than 3 decades deeply involved in the telecommunication field, developing hardware and soft state of the art telecom equipment, manufacturing of telecom equipment and sourcing components of all kind to construct such equipment.

    Asian Metal: Hi Mr Shnerik , Thank you for taking part in this interview. Could you please give us a background on your company?

    Shnerik: Hello, my name is Aaron Shnerik. I am the CEO and co founder of Bos Telecom since 1986.It is a pleasure having a part and participate in this interview with the opportunity to introduce our project.
    We were exposed to the world of raw materials for some of those components namely tantalum capacitors with its raw material known as Coltan.
    Several years ago we take the move to source those raw materials at the place where they exist in nature in relatively large quantity, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).We set a company dedicated for such purpose ,apply various permits such as a governmental mining permit and license to explore and exploit , study geological surveys ,apply international permits for "non conflict minerals" etc .Our mine is located at the eastern part of Congo near the city of Kalemie at the Tanganyika lake and province. The mine permits are at the size of 400 sq. km with concentrating to exploiting in 50 sq. km within that mine.
    Although our main interest to exploit Coltan we hold permits to exploit several other minerals such as Platinum, Tin,Iron,Cassiterite,Niobium and Gold. Due to the several sources of water from river and geological structure large deposits of coltan are at the ground surface with depth of up to 5 meters. Although the exploitations are limited there are many artisanal miners at the field showing the best sign of minerals existence at the grounds at relatively low depth.

    Asian Metal: What is the current situation about the mine?

    Shnerik: At this stage where we completed all work on formal permits which took long time andBuroctatical Process as well as great deal of financial resources over several years. We are ready toStart operation on a small scale and semi mechanized scale with the aim to expand to large scale ofMining. It is just natural that at this stage of mining life we are looking for to create collaboration, joint venture, investment or similar kind of participation from companies in this industry to join forces and speed up the process of extracting the minerals to full scale to the benefit of all parties.

    Asian Metal: When will you produce the tantalite in bulk? Any plans about the future production?

    Shnerik: We assume to start operation sometime during 2018. Theoretically operation and exports can start within very short time as all permits are on place. However to make the set up for semi mechanized mining may take some more time.

    Asian Metal: What is the advantage and disadvantage of your company to expand tantalum- niobium business?

    Shnerik: Main advantage of our company is the mine location and geological soil composition with large reserves of coltan deposits, the geographical location plays a major role toward ease of Operation, supply and delivery of goods to the mine and transport of minerals as it is only few hours of truck drive to the city of Kalemie.Minerals are loaded on a ferry across the Tanganyika lake to Tanzania and then a solid fast Road to the port of Dar es Salaam.

    Asian Metal: Someone said that the actual output in DRC will be reduced in 2018. How do you think about this?

    Shnerik: Actually as demand is rising I can't see a reason why should the output in 2018 be lower than previous years.

    Asian Metal: As the tantalite prices went on increasing in total 2017, do you think the prices will continue to increase in 2018? Which areas do you think is more blooming?

    Shnerik: It is hard to predict where the prices are going to be in near future and overhaul in 2018.It depends on several factors and market segments such as growth of the electronic Industry, new scientific application that may increase the demand for Coltan, large stocks of raw Materials at the main players warehouses, competition among companies exploiting coltan and of Course Political issues worldwide and domestic.Personally I believe that prices will increase we may see the prices we of several years ago mainly Because the growth of the world demand for coltan.

    Asian Metal: What do you think about the non-conflict materials? Do you think it is necessary to get the documents for that?

    Shnerik: We should look historically where the need for such control were absolute a necessity.There is no conflict in that scale and in the area since already long time therefore it is unnecessary To have such Additional control that also impose costs on the price of the minerals and complexity of exports. Now days such control and documents are an additional obstacle. What is needed is to ease the operation and exports process.I believe that somehow it impact the overhaul price of the minerals at the worlds markets.It would be rather more effective to set a body to support exports and ease the whole process.It is also rather important to have a second choice for the mining companies for sake of competitiveness.

    Asian Metal: As China is a major player on tantalum and niobium market, do you have intention to expand or build new plants in China or cooperate with Chinese market participants? What is your plan in the next few years about the further development?

    Shnerik: Yes indeed China is a major player on those minerals therefore it is wise to expand into china markets for clients, smelting plants and companies to seek for cooperation and/or joint ventures with Chinese participants.Our vision and plans for the years to come is to expand the mining operation to full scale as well as Seek to mine additional kind of minerals that may exists on that soil.We are also keen to have close cooperation with a smelter been able to bring the one stop shop namely high purity of tantalum powder directly to clients allowing to be even more competitive to our clients.

    Asian Metal: Thanks again for taking our interview, and wish a more prosperous future for your company.

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