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    Business Visits

    Fluorsid visits Asian Metal

    On the afternoon of August 19, Mr. Lior Metzinger, Chief Commercial Officer from Fluorsid Group, Italy, visited Asian Metal and talked about the current global aluminum fluoride market with Mr. Friday Gao, Senior Product Manager of Asian Metal.
    Mr. Lior noted that they have one aluminum fluoride plant in Italy with a production capacity of 115,000tpy and the other one in Norway with the production capacity of 40,000tpy. He shared the opinion that the current aluminum fluoride prices are too low and hope in a recovery for 2020.
    Mr. Friday Gao introduced the current Chinese and global aluminum fluoride markets, analyzing the alumina and primary aluminum markets.
    Mr. Lior spoke highly of the market news and price published in Asian Metal and will keep close communication with Asian Metal in the future.
    Asian Metal
    From left: Friday Gao and Lior Metzinger
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