7th World Antimony Forum

June 13-14, 2019
Changsha, Hunan, China

7th Refractory & Abrasive Materials Summit 2019

May 23-24, 2019
Qingdao, Shandong, China

10th Aluminum Raw Materials Summit

May 16-17, 2019
Zhengzhou, Henan, China

11th Rare Earth Summit

May 9-10, 2019
Qingdao, Shandong, China

8th Magnesium Summit

April 11-12, 2019
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

12th World InBiGeGa Forum

March 14-15, 2019
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

6th World Manganese & Selenium Forum

May 21-22, 2018
Hainan Sanya, China

6th World Antimony Forum

April 23-24, 2018
Zhangjiajie, China

6th International Refractories & Abrasives Summit

April 19-20, 2018
Beijing, China
Business Visits

Asian Metal visits Hanwa, Longrare, Sojitz, and Ohara in Japan

On 16 October 2018, Vivian Pang, Asian Metal's consultant on rare earth market visited Hanwa Co. Ltd., Longrare Co., Ltd., Sojitz Japan, and Ohara Optical in Japan, and exchanged views on the current status and prospects of rare earth, NdFeB magnetic materials, and optical glass with above companies.
In the morning, Vivian visited Hanwa Co. Ltd. and was warmly received by sales managers of the company's specially metals & alloys department - Marubayashi Itsuo and Zhang Chaolong. Both sides discussed about the supply and demand pattern and price trend of rare earth and NdFeB magnetic materials in the Japanese market. Mr. Marubayashi noted that Asian Metal is an important source of information, and Hanwa has always referred to Asian Metal's price information when signing supply and sales contracts. Mr. Zhang also expressed his strong interest in Asian Metal's Rare Earth Conference in 2019.
Asian Metal
From left: Zhang Chaolong from Hanwa, Vivian Pang from Asian Metal, and Marubayashi Itsuo from Hanwa
Subsequently, Vivian visited Longrare Co., Ltd. and was warmly received by Chen Junlong, manager of the company's business department. Both sides exchanged views on the current price trends and prospects of lanthanum and cerium products. Mr. Chen said that as lanthanum and cerium products supply is sufficient, the competition between suppliers is extremely fierce, and the price shows a slightly downward trend at present.
In the afternoon, Vivian visited Sojitz Japan and discussed the current price trend of the rare earth market in China and the status of NdFeB magnetic material market in Japan with Mrs. Eri Fujiyama and Mr. Ryutaro Uchikoga from the company's electro & functional materials department. Ms. Fujiyama said that the company has always referred to Asian Metal's price information when signing supply and sales contracts with enterprises in China.
Asian Metal
From left: Vivian Pang from Asian Metal and Eri Fujiyama from Sojitz
Subsequently, Vivian visited Ohara Optical and exchanged views about the current status and prospects of optical glass market in China and Japan with Mr. Minoru Sugikata, vice general manager of optical material business unit, and Mr. Yumihari Minetsugu from material production control section. Mr. Sugikata noted that the output of optical glass in Japan increased by about 10t YOY in 2018, and Mr. Minetsugu said that the company refers to Asian Metal's information when setting prices. Mr. Sugikata and Minetsugu both expressed interests in Asian Metal's rare earth conference in 2019.
Asian Metal
From left: Yumihari Minetsugu from Ohara Optical, Vivian Pang from Asian Metal, and Minoru Sugikata from Ohara Optical