Battery Materials Summit 2018

June 21-22, 2018
Hangzhou, Zhejiang

6th World Manganese & Selenium Forum

May 21-22, 2018
Hainan Sanya, China

9th World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2018

May 17-18, 2018
Jinan, Shandong, China

10th International Rare Earth Summit

May 10-11, 2018
Sanya, Hainan

6th World Antimony Forum

April 23-24, 2018
Zhangjiajie, China

6th International Refractories & Abrasives Summit

April 19-20, 2018
Beijing, China

7th World Magnesium Forum

April 11-13, 2018
Sanya, China

11th World Indium & Germanium & Gallium Forum

Mar 22-23, 2018
Sanya, Hainan, China
Business Visits

Asian Metal visits Yahua Group, Chang He Hualithium and Chengdu Chemphys

On 7 December, 2017, Zhao Hao, Sales Director of Asian Metal, and Carol Lin, Coal & Lithium Market Analyst of Asian Metal, visited Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (Yahua Group), Sichuan Chang He Hualithium Technology Co., Ltd. (Chang He Hualithium) and Chengdu Chemphys Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Chengdu Chemphys), exchanging opinions on the current prices and future market of cobalt salts with abovementioned companies.
On the morning of 7 Dec, Zhao Hao and Carol Lin went to Yahua Group to see Zhou Jianqi and Yang Lin, General Manager and Business Manager of the company. Both parties had a friendly communication on current prices, supply and future development of the cobalt salt market.
Asian Metal
From left: Zhao Hao, Yang Lin & Carol Lin
Afterwards, Zhao Hao and Carol Lin visited Chang He Hualithium, and were given a warm welcome by Su Kang, General Manager of the company. Both parties discussed the spodumene supply in domestic and oversea markets and the newly-added capacity of cobalt salts, exchanging views on the market outlook. Manager Su spoke highly of the service of Asian Metal.
Asian Metal
Su Kang & Carol Lin
On the afternoon, Zhao Hao and Carol Lin left for Chengdu Chemphys and met Lu Yinjiang, Marketing Manager of the company, and discussed the prices of industrial grade and high-purity lithium carbonate and the market trend with him.
Asian Metal
From left: Carol Lin, Lu Yinjiang & Zhao Hao