Although international antimony prices showed an upward trend in 2016, the antimony industry still faced many problems, such as decreasing antimony concentrate resources in domestic market, increasing production costs, rising pressure from safety production and environmental protection and so on. Market supply of antimony concentrate was tight and smelters reported increasing instability in production with domestic environmental protection inspection being normalized; antimony ingot and antimony trioxide exporters faced stiff competition with more antimony processing enterprises emerging in Vietnam and other countries; end demand for antimony trioxide was relatively sluggish and downstream consumers generally held a watch-and-see attitude as a consequence of volatile prices for antimony products. Under such circumstances, Asian Metal will hold 5th World Antimony Forum on June 8-9, 2017, in Changsha, Hunan and sincerely invite producers and consumers in the upstream, downstream and midstream to attend the forum to discuss the development and outlook of the global antimony industry.
Chinese antimony market review in 2016 and outlook in 2018
Chinese antimony concentrate resources distribution and supply
Status quo of Chinese antimony market and constraints
Outlook for European antimony ingot and trioxide markets
China’s imports of Bolivia-origin antimony concentrate
Applications of antimony trioxide in flame retardant industry
(Topics subject to change)
Chinese participants
  Before June 7 Pay at the Venue
AM members RMB4300/person RMB4800/person
Non-members RMB4800/person RMB5300/person

Foreign participants
  Before June 7 Pay at the Venue
AM members USD1780/person USD2280/person
Non-members USD1980/person USD2480/person

1. Participants are advised to register and pay the registration fee in advance.
2. Participants will be registered in the conference directory and get the representative card as well as meeting materials after sending your register information and registration rates to us.
3. Registration fee includes participation, meeting materials, banquet, lunch, tea, sightseeing, simultaneous interpretation with boarding and transportation being excluded.
4. We follow the following principles when giving refund to participants who are unable to attend the meeting for some reasons: participants should write a notice to the organizing committee in advance, and can get full refund four weeks prior to the conference, half refund two weeks ahead of the conference, and no refund in other cases. 10% fee will be deducted from the above refund.
5. In case of force majeure (war, natural disaster, epidemic situation, administrative orders, etc.), the forum will be cancelled and the organizing committee will return paid fees. The contract will terminate automatically and neither party shall be liable for the termination.

Advertising is not only the primary and most direct means of marketing, but also a good opportunity for corporate to display their image. Successful advertising will impress people, enhance visibility, win greater market share, and thereby promote the development of enterprises. The 5th World Antimony Forum will provide you a platform for communication and exchange with domestic and foreign antimony enterprises, and you will have the chance to show all the guests here your company’s achievements and unique charm.
Participants and sponsors please contact:
Beijing Office Li Sai
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Changsha Huatian Hotel (Headquarter)

Member of conference team have applied discounted housing prices for participants, and delegates could make reservation in advance.
Huatian Hotel, located in No.300 of East Jiefang Road in Changsha, Hunan, China, is a five-star certified tourist hotel concerning foreign affairs. As one of the Top 20 Groups in China’s Hotel Industry and Top 300 Groups in Global Hotel Industry, in Hunan, it is the first five-star hotel, the first listed company in tourist industry, the only one with Five-star Diamond Award, the first membership of International Golden Key, the only membership of China Famous Hotel Corporation in Changsha, and the only membership of global first-class hotel corporation.
The hotel has almost 700 of various exquisite and luxurious rooms, including over 400 of moderate rooms with styles symbolizing characteristics of Hunan, advanced design ideas in the world, the mixture of fashion and local culture, as well as combination of art and humanities. It owns comprehensive facilities with all kinds of dining private rooms, Chinese and western dining rooms, lobby bar, jazz bar, international business club, gym, Huatian hall, swimming pool, tennis court, shopping mall, laundry center, business center, entrusted center, foreign currency exchange, ticketing center and taxi fleet, and will provide super five-star service and the best service for business in Changsha.
The hotel is convenient in traffic and is around half an hour away by car from Huanghua International Airport, around five minutes away by car from railway station, and 13 kilometers away from South Railway Station, which is Wuhan-Guangzhou station.
Address: No.300 of East Jiefang Road, Changsha, Hunan, China
Tel: (86—731)84442888
Fax: (86—731) 84442270
Please contact the hotel for your room reservation directly. Guest Room Reservation Form
Room type and preferential price.
Room Price (breakfast included)
Tower B Senior Single RMB 658 /night
Tower B Executive Single/Double RMB 518 /night
1. Participants should make the reservation and payment for guest rooms to the hotel directly.
2. For room reservation, you can Download the Guest Room Reservation Form for your information and send email by(284891744@qq.com) , if you have some problems, please call Mr.Dengbin,Sales Manager +86-13574874699 (Mobile) to make reservation.
3. The reserved rooms are limited and specific accommodation should be subjected to the information by hotel when you make confirmation.
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