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  • OZ Minerals announces option to acquire Kalkaroo copper project

    2022-05-19 15:26:47   【Print】
    Australia-based OZ Minerals on May 17 announced it has signed a conditional binding Terms Sheet with Havilah Resources Limited setting out the basis of a new strategic relationship in the prospective Curnamona Province in South Australia, including the option to acquire the Kalkaroo project.

    The Terms Sheet provides OZ Minerals with a study period of up to 18 months to evaluate the potential of the Kalkaroo project and the option to acquire 100% of the Kalkaroo project for a purchase price of $205 million.

    The Kalkaroo project consists of a Mineral Resource estimate of 245Mt @ 0.45% Cu and 0.39g/t Au announced by Havilah Resources in 2018.
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