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Acacia Mining affected by ban on exports of gold and copper concentrate

2017-03-06 14:56:46  【Print】
BEIJING (Asian Metal) 6 Mar 17 - Acacia Mining plc (“Acacia Mining”) said on March 3 that it has noted the press release from the Ministry of Energy and Minerals regarding a ban on exports of gold/copper concentrate following a directive made by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

According to Acacia Mining, gold/copper concentrate amounted to approximately 30% of group revenues in 2016.

Acacia has ceased exports of gold/copper concentrate and is urgently seeking further clarification from the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

About Acacia Mining plc

Acacia Mining plc is Tanzania's largest gold miner and one of the largest producers of gold in Africa.

.Asian Metal Copyright According to Acacia Mining, goldcopper concentrate amounted to approximately 30% of group revenues in 2016.Asian Metal Copyright
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