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Chinese ferroalloy powder market outlook keeps optimistic
----Interview with Li Wencheng
General manager
Jinzhou Hongda New Material Co.,Ltd.
Located in No.5, Hetun Industrial Zone, Guta District, Jinzhou, Liaoning, Jinzhou Hongda New Material Co.,Ltd. is a professional producer for ferroalloy powder. Their products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, powder metallurgy and other high-grade fields. Based in China's main production area for ferroalloys, the company’s products are sold to many regions in domestic and abroad market.

Asian Metal: Mr. Li, thank you for your interview with Asian Metal. First of all, please introduce the basic situation of your company’s main business.

Mr. Li: Our company is a professional production factory for ferroalloy powder in China. It has been 20 years since the company set up the factory in 2000. The company has been awarded the honorary title of "high-tech enterprise" by Liaoning provincial department of science and technology. In terms of quality, the company has passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification system. All kinds of ferroalloy powders such as chromium series, manganese series, vanadium series and molybdenum series are widely used in welding materials, powder metallurgy and other production fields with good quality and reasonable prices.

Asian Metal: What’s your major product priorities and the current market coverage?

Mr. Li: Metal chromium powder, ferromolybdenum powder, ferrovanadium powder, ferrotitanium powder, high carbon ferrochromium powder, ferroniobium powder, electrolytic manganese powder. The detail specifications, varieties can be seen in our company website: www.jzhdxcl.com. The products are mainly sold to China's high-grade welding material manufacturing industry, domestic and foreign high-grade welding material manufacturing industry and powder metallurgy industry.

Asian Metal: What’s the level of your production technology and product quality in the same industry in China?

Mr. Li: Our company's main products, raw materials, production equipment and technology are all world class. The product quality is excellent.

Asian Metal: Could you please introduce your company's raw material purchasing mode and the main application fields of downstream products?

Mr. Li: Our company has established long-term strategic partnership with domestic and foreign excellent ferroalloy smelting enterprises for the fixed purchase of raw materials, so as to ensure the good quality, reasonable prices and timely supply of raw materials.

Asian Metal: What do you think the level of China's ferroalloy powder industry in the world and its influence in the international market?

Mr. Li: There are a large number of ferroalloy powder industries in China. Products of Jinzhou Hongda New Material Co., Ltd. stay in the world's leading level. We enjoy good awareness in domestic and international market.

Asian Metal: Now the virus is spreading all over the world and the global economy shows signs of crisis. How do you see the market development prospect of ferroalloy powder industry?

Mr.Li: With the effectively control of the virus in China, our company's production has returned to normal. However, the virus spread all over the world, the downstream enterprises at home and abroad to return to work. The sales of our products has received the certain influence. I believe that with the efforts of all countries, outbreaks of virus would eventually get control, enterprises would gradually return to normal production capacity. After wind and rain, the landscape is still beautiful.

Asian Metal: What do you think about the balance between supply and demand of ferroalloy powder market in China?

Mr. Li: At present, the ferroalloy powder industry showed overcapacity, with the market demand, the downstream enterprises for product quality requirements are getting higher and higher. Backward technology, poor product quality enterprises would gradually be eliminated. Good enterprises continue to improve product quality and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. The current and future market would always be in a state of dynamic equilibrium.

Asian Metal: How do you think ferroalloy powder enterprises can further enhance their own vitality to better match the market demand?

Mr.Li: Product quality must meet the users’ requirement, make users satisfied, constantly reduce the cost of each link of the production factors of the enterprise, make the product prices reasonable and preferential benefits to customers, good service. Urgent customers’ urgent, to meet the needs of users.

Asian Metal: What is your business development plan in the next 3-5 years?

Mr. Li: In the next 3-5 years, our company would continue to upgrade the enterprise, do a good job in online marketing, improve the production process, transform and update equipment. And improve management. To make Jinzhou Hongda New Material Co., Ltd. be a reliable and long-term ferroalloy powder manufacturer, which is loved by domestic and foreign customers. Committed to becoming the world’s top expert in ferroalloys.

Asian Metal: Thanks for your sharing.

Mr. Li: Thank you! Thank you for Asian Metal. I wish Asian Metal would develop better and better.